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Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what about that little thrill you get from a cute AF manicure? It’s one of the best feelings! Add some nail art to the mix and your mood just soars.

There is nothing wrong with a one colour coat of paint, but nail art just adds that POP like no other. Your nails are a reflection of who you are and deserve to be decorated and shown off. 

Whether you’re into simple, chic designs or go all out bold and beautiful, we can do it all at Nailbox!

One Colour

Included in our gel polish and enhancement treatments. 

Choose up to 10 colours.


Colour French, Cuffs, Dots, Half Moons

Tier 1: Me-Time

Glitter, Glitter fade, Chrome, Pigments, Foil, Marble, Small Decals, Lines or Swirls.

Tier 2: Parisian Glow

Full Decals, Coloured Ombre, Mixed Pigments, Animal Prints, Flowers, Glitter Encapsulations, Swarovski Crystals or any mix of art. 

Tier 3: That “Je ne Sais Quoi”

Characters, Lettering, Object Encapsulations, Detailed Patterns or Fine-line Designs.

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